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Halong Bay Weather by Month

Many people often wonder, "When is the best time to visit Halong Bay and which season is the most beautiful?" With us, we will explore Halong Bay weather each month to prepare for your trip!

Halong Bay – part of the Gulf of Tonkin – experiences distinct four seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. This seasonal diversity makes Halong Bay an attractive destination for tourists throughout the year.

Similar to other northern provinces, Halong Bay's seasons are clearly defined. Spring begins from March to April with warm temperatures, making it comfortable for outdoor activities. Summer lasts from May to October, characterized by occasional heavy rain and high temperatures. Autumn follows for two months, featuring pleasant weather with less rain. Winter spans from November to February, cold and dry, ideal for foreign visitors.

Halong Bay Weather in January

January is a dry period in Halong Bay, perfect for international tourists eager to experience the scenery firsthand. During this time, expect clear skies, abundant sunshine, and temperatures around 18°C. There might be fog and minimal rainfall. It's advisable to bring a light jacket when visiting Halong Bay in January!

January also marks the return of activities and fun in Halong Bay. What could be more exciting than admiring Halong Bay from above in a seaplane or conquering the peak of Bai Tho Mountain? Due to the relatively low temperature, it's best to avoid underwater activities.

Halong Bay Weather in February

In February, temperatures may drop slightly compared to January, averaging around 17°C with fog. If traveling during this time, it's advisable to bring a coat or hoodie. This period coincides with the Vietnamese Lunar New Year, during which some tourist attractions, including government offices, are closed.

Halong bay weather forcast and experiece Halong Bay kayaking

Halong Bay Weather Forcast in March

According to local experience, March is the best time to visit and explore Halong Bay. The skies are clear, sunny, and warmer, around 19°C. Climbing mountains is an activity not to be missed during this time.

Halong Bay Weather in April

April in Halong Bay marks the return of hot sun and occasional summer showers. The bay tends to be quieter during this time, allowing visitors to enjoy the beautiful sunny days at the beginning of the month. However, sudden rain showers can occur with temperatures around 24°C. It's a great time for relaxing activities in Halong Bay like hiking, sightseeing, seaplane tours, and boating.

Halong Bay Weather in May

May is a favorable time for family trips, but tourists should be aware of unpredictable weather conditions. Rainfall is frequent and can occur suddenly, accompanied by high humidity and hot temperatures. Despite these challenges, Halong Bay remains a captivating destination with opportunities for boating, sightseeing, and other outdoor activities. It's advisable to check weather forecasts and be prepared with appropriate clothing and plans for indoor activities in case of rain.

explore Halong Bay weather and experiece Halong Bay boat

Halong Bay Weather in June

June in Halong Bay embodies the full essence of summer, characterized by high temperatures and significant rainfall. Storms are not uncommon over the bay, so it's safer for tourists to stay on land to ensure their safety. With an average temperature of around 30°C, swimming in the sea becomes a natural choice, so make sure to pack plenty of swimwear!

Outdoor activities may be affected or canceled due to heavy rains, making it essential for travelers to review cancellation policies before booking. Specifically, mountain climbing is quite dangerous during this season.

Halong Bay Weather in July and August

The weather in Halong Bay during July and August is quite similar. Leftovers from heavy rains in June make Halong Bay wet and uncomfortable. It is difficult to decide if tourists should visit Halong Bay during these months. Moreover, the rainfall continues to make visibility poor, which makes sightseeing and outdoor activities difficult.

Halong Bay Weather in September

In September, rainfall in Halong Bay decreases significantly, with temperatures cooling to around 18°C. While occasional rain showers may occur, the weather generally improves, making it a more comfortable time to visit. This marks the end of the rainy season and the return of underwater activities, offering enjoyable experiences like diving and exploring. Consider packing rain gear just in case, and take advantage of the more pleasant weather to explore caves and enjoy the natural beauty of the bay.

Halong Bay Weather in October

check halong bay weather and explore halong bay cave

October brings clear skies and reduced rainfall, with temperatures averaging around 26°C. This makes it one of the best times to visit Halong Bay for its stunning weather. It's an ideal time for outdoor activities such as hiking, cycling around the bay, and exploring beautiful caves. The cooler and pleasant weather also makes it suitable for swimming and water sports.

Halong Bay Weather in November

November in Halong Bay is characterized by dry weather with temperatures around 24°C. It is considered a peak tourist season due to the perfect weather conditions. Booking accommodations and tours in advance is recommended to ensure a smooth vacation experience. Visitors can enjoy various outdoor activities, including kayaking, visiting fishing villages, and cruising around the limestone islands. Don't forget to bring both summer and winter clothing as temperatures can vary during the day and night.

Halong Bay Weather in December

December is the driest time of the year in Halong Bay, with minimal rainfall and clear blue skies. Temperatures drop further, averaging around 22°C, creating a comfortable atmosphere for sightseeing and outdoor adventures. It's an excellent opportunity to explore the bay's landscapes, caves, and beaches without the interruption of rain. However, pack accordingly for cooler evenings and enjoy the serene beauty of Halong Bay during this tranquil period.


Temperature (Min/Max Degree Celius)

Average rainfall (mm)

Number of rainy days


20° / 14°

15 mm



21° / 15°

12 mm



23° / 18°

38 mm



27° / 21°

48 mm



30° / 24°

156 mm



32° / 26°

179 mm



32° / 26°

201 mm



32° / 25°

262 mm



  31° / 24°

190 mm



31° / 24°

50-58 mm



26° / 19°

12-17 mm



22° / 15°

10-15 mm





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